Terrestrials are a very important food source for trout and many other game fish species.
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Terrestrials For Trout Fishing

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Rainy flies are very productive, high quality flies. Rainy is world known as an innovator in the fly tying art. Well worth the money for their productivity. Many anglers and tiers keep these flys as a reference. Good flies.

Rainy's Flies
Rainy's Favorite Terrestrials(FL904)
This 30-pack of terrestrials is a collection of our favorite terrestrials to fish. It contains a combination of traditional and signature patterns such as hoppers, beetles, ants, crickets, chernobyls, etc. Flies contained in a tight, re-usable 6 compartment fly box. Perfect for those late summer and fall fishing excursions when the fish rise with reckless abandon to eat these types of bugs! Includes Marshmellow Hopper, Hi-Vis Hopper, Bullethead Hopper Yellow, Fat Boy Chernobyl Ant, Montana Chernobyl Ant, KR Lady Bug, Beete, 'itty Bitty Bee, Bumble Bee,
Carpenter Ant Red-Butt, Hi-Viz Para Ant, Cinnamon Ant, Bullethead Cricket, Dave's Cricket, Dave's Hopper, Joe's Hopper, Improved Cicada
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Terrestrials are a very important food source for trout and many other freshwater game fish species. Terrestrials are (typically) land based insects that enter the water by accident and mishap. They fall into the water where they momentarily float until a fish takes them top-water Dry and surface flies are imitate terrestrials as they float so the floating profile must be attractive to fish. The terrestrial will eventually sink where they are surely taken as fish food. Wet flies are productive too.

The seasonal nature of weather make terrestrials most common from summer into early fall - roughly July to October. Land based bugs are much more numerous than water born bugs even near the water. Ants and beetles are the most common terrestrials by the estimation of many expert anglers. There are also good numbers of grasshoppers, crickets, bees, hornets, worms, and thousands of other bugs that fish will gladly take. So mix it up. Terrestrials can be opportunity to fish anytime and they are particularly important food source when there is no clear hatch to captivate and preoccupy trout.

I look for surface flies that most realistically ride in the water. I also look for surface flies having a bright spot on top such that I can identify my fly in moving waters; many terrestrials are black, brown, and other dark colors. Keep a separate fly box with a broad variety of terrestrials. They are a productive line of flies.

Enjoy fishing with terrestrials.

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