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Eastern Fly Hatch Charts for Brown, Rainbow, and Brook Trout

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The ever popular parachute dry fly

When the hatch is on trout often will not bite anything else. "Match the Hatch" flies should be used when that particular type of Mayfly, Caddis, or Terrestrial is present. Local fly shops are the best source of information on the current hatch while hatch charts can help while planning a trip. Here is a good starting list of Eastern Fly Hatch Charts:

North Georgia Trout Online

Blue Ridge Trout Hatch Chart

Fly Fish NC Hatch Chart -- This chart will help you identify all the bugs and insects that hatch in North Carolina Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains

Maine Fly Fishing --Maine and New England fly chart

I would try pack fly boxes with the similarities between charts when I am not sure. Again, local experts are the best source.

If you find yourself on the water with no identifiable hatch you can use a prospecting fly to help your narrow down. A prospecting fly is usually larger, often brighter, than the hatching fly to help trout notice and recognize a fly as food. Fishing multiple flies on a dropper rig may also improve your odds. When there is no apparent hatch it may be an excellent time to get out the terrestrials. The fly assortments below may help you put together a robust fly collection or it may be time to start tying your own trout flies.

Rainy flies are very productive, high quality flies. Rainy is world known as an innovator in the fly tying art. Well worth the money for their productivity. Many anglers and tiers keep these flys as a reference. Good flies.

Rainy's Flies
Dries: All Time Favorites (FL901)
This collection contains 30 of the most popular and favorite dry flies ever fished! It includes dries for all conditions of water and offers different flavors for each fish. Definitely a great assortment of traditional mayfly, caddis, and attractor patterns. Good for the beginner just starting out or for advanced anglers stocking up their fly boxes for the season. Flies contained in a nice re-usable, 5 compartment fly box. Contains: Irresistible, PMD,
Renegade, Adams Parachute, BWO Parachute, Elk Hair Caddis, X-Sparkle Caddis, Parachute Caddis, Humpy, Royal Wulff, PMX, Stimulator, Sparkle Dun Biots.
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Rainy's Flies
24/7 Trout (FL903)
This collection combines our All time Favorite Dries and our Mayfly Nymph collections into one assortment. It contains 36 traditional dries and nymphs that have been time tested, proven producers over the past 50 years. This will give beginners everything they need to start fishing or give advanced anglers all their basic flies for a trip. Flies contained in a nice re-usable, 5 compartment fly box. Definitely the collection of flies you can fish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Contains: Adams, BWO, PMD, Griffith's Gnat, October Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Little Yellow Sally, Humpy, Wulff, Dave's Hopper, BH Hare's Ear, BH Prince, BH Pheasant Tail, BH Western Stone, BH Wooly Bugger.
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