Catching More and Bigger Trout

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Catching More and Bigger Trout

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Catching More Trout:

How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life
Masters on the Fly series by Landon R. Mayer
Landon Mayer offers precise instructions to anglers on how to locate, hook, and land monster trout - all in very practical terms. The authors writing style is candid and easy to understand, as well as a pure pleasure to read because of his ability to share his warm personality.
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Go-To Flies
101 Patterns the Pros Use When All Else Fails
Tony Lolli has assembled the best original patterns from working flyfishing guides around the country and the world. There are 101 flies for trout, steelhead, salmon, and many other salt-water and warm-water species. These patterns were created by pros who had to get their clients into fish under the toughest of conditions. Best of all, the 101 patterns are durable, quick, and easy to tie because guides need to keep their fly boxes well stocked with proven patterns that take a minimum of time at the tying bench.Go-To Flies gives you the secret patterns of some of the best flyfishing pros in the world.
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