Bass, after a summer feeding slump in the deep, will come back to the shallows to fatten up for winter. This will be good fishing. Channels and creeks with nearby shallows may well be your best bet at fall bass.

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After the summer months largemouth will start their attentions toward the long, upcoming winter. For the most part bass will be coming out of their summer feeding slump, moving into shallower waters near creeks and channels, and actively looking for baitfish. Baitfish will naturally migrate into creeks and channels and bass will follow them for forage. Also, temperature is favorable on more days where there are both shallow and deeper waters.

Initially look at the same places where you were successful in the spring. Move further up the creeks when productivity falls off. Again, follow the bait fish as the bass will. Generally, structure is important but channels and creek beds are the most important. A good strategy is to move into a channel working the channel itself and both shallows. Move from the deeper end of the channel to the more shallow end. When you find holding fish take note because that depth will be a very good starting point for other channels in the lake.
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When fall bass fishing think big baits. Small fry in the Spring have now grown into larger baitfish. Almost any artificial bait pattern will work during the fall; obviously some will work better but it is hard to predict. Try to match the forage as closely as possible.

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