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Fishing Spinner Baits
Spinner baits are a very productive bait for largemouth that is not taken full advantage of my many anglers.

Spinner baits are a very productive bait for largemouth that is not taken full advantage of my many anglers. Many anglers will only use spinnerbaits in the spring and fall, but they will catch fish all year.

Spinnerbait technique is not complicated. In winter, generally, fish steep to vertical structure, fish deeply, and select a bait that imitates prevalent baitfish. In early spring, when pre-spawn bass begin moving shallow, select a spinner that imitates crawfish in both color and size. Use spinnerbaits to explore the water bottom. Toss the spinnerbait bumping off the bottom to determine depth and bumping off structure to determine the water bottom. The feel of the spinnerbait moving will indicate what is on the bottom -- stumps, grass, rocks, sand, gravel, etc. This type of fishing will often bring in reation bites.

Choosing the right spinnerbait is not very complicated either. In clear water shoot for a spinnerbait that can be seen -- thinner blade such as the willow leaf make the most flash. It is also good to match the prevailing baitfish. In dirty water choose one that makes noise -- Colorado blades are among the noisyest. Indiana style blades are a compremise between the two other types. Blade size is very important. Larger blades mean more flash and sound but should not overwhelm the bass.

Skirts add undulation and attractiveness. I choose color as I would a plastic bait color. If I am not sure I use a lighter color. Most anglers prefer white and chartreuse. Trailers will also add alure and buoyancy. Common trailers are plastic worms, grubs, crawfish, and pork.

Choose a weight sufficient to fish at the depth you wish -- heavier means deeper.

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