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The spot is one of the most popular fish to be caught and eaten. They usually travel in schools and when you see a school it probably will not take long to fill a cooler. A very productive way to catch spot is by using a basic two hook bottom rig, hook size from size 6 to size 2, with bloodworms or similar. There are a great fish.

Spot Fishing: baits and rigs, and other info

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Spot is one of the most popular fish caught on rod and reel. For instance, in North Carolina anglers average catching just under three million spot each year with an average weight of roughly 7 ounces (less than 1/2 pound). Commercial fishermen average another 1/2 million per year.

Spot Fish
Spot --
Courtesy of NC D. Marine Fisheries

Fishermen usually see spots traveling in schools. For many waters there is a fairly narrow time band at which Spot fishing is the best: from roughly September through November depending on location. Spot migrate along the coast down to the Southern US Coast coast and to the Gulf for the winter. They stop along the way to feed for the long journey and that makes for great fishing. They often feed near the bottom so they can pick for food.

Bottom RigWhen Spot are 'in' they are fairly easy to catch. Tides are often the best time and place to catch Spot. A very productive rig for Spot is a double drop, bottom Spot Rig. Any store will have them although many stores have very stiff ones. Look for rigs with lighter lines as they make the relatively light baits appear more natural in the flowing water plus the hardware is less likely to spook Spot. Fortunately, they are easy to tie if you want to save a few bucks. View the rig shown on has a good recipe. A common hook used is #6, 2X long shank, light wire hooks or something fairly similar.

Bait for Spot is easy. Bloodworms or shrimp are very productive. Many worms will substitute for blood worms to pretty good success. Also, pinfish or other fish strips will do nicely as will squid and the such. Note that Spot like the tide and a tougher than shrimp bait may be needed.

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