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The Sandhills Game Land has always been one of my favorite NC gamelands. It offers the NC sportsman some of the best and most specialized activities within the state. Maps of Sandhills can be viewed by navigating through the NC Wildlife Resources Commission Site with a detailed map at the NC Wildlife site for the Sandhills.

Sandhills Game Land is a 3 day/week game land It is approximately 53,800 acres in size fairly well dispersed over Scotland and Moore counties. It also touches other counties. Sandhills has some substantial use rules and these should definitely be understood before going on the land. The NCWRC does a good job of laying these out in the Individual Rules to the Game Lands in the Regulations Digest. The web site is easy to navigate. Sandhills is in a very good location for the middle of the state. It has good access for the sportsman without heavy or 4-wheel drive trucks. I have been stuck off of the beaten path because I use a 2-wheel drive truck. Also, Sandhills does not offer me much visual orientation reference thus I usually take a GPS to help me more quickly locate good hunting areas or where I parked the truck.

I have hunting Sandhills for many years. I have nearly always encountered relatively high pressure for dear. My estimate is that there is an especially high presence of deer hunters using dogs. With this the deer stay are often stirred up plus fast moving deer or dogs often run through disrupting still hunts. This should be kept in mind when deciding on where to hunt the Sandhills. The deer season ends earlier than the lands around Sandhills.

Sandhills has a very nice road system through it. Also, other land has been cleared by burning, clean cutting, or by other methods. This offers good cut-overs from which to hunt. Cut-overs now unquestionably produce the best quail and rabbit hunting opportunities. Upland game is thus pretty good when considering the entire state has dwindling upland hunting resources. Also, Sandhills have a number of nice upland guides around it -- some use the Sandhills others do not.

Sandhills also offers the best of fox squirrel hunting (note that fox squirrel hunting usually goes out 1 month before gray squirrel). Every year one of my most valued hunting days occurs during the Christmas break. I choose a day before the season goes out, usually Dec. 31, but after the deer season has ended. I get in a wonderful day of fox squirrel hunting -- something I look forward to the entire year.

O'Bannion Feb. 15, 2003
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